Registration & Fees

We welcome children and families from all sections of the local community, irrespective of gender, origin, ethnicity, language, culture or disability and do not discriminate against any person.

We base our admissions on a fair system and work on a “first come first serve” basis and operate a waiting list for children we do not immediately have a space for.

We encourage you and your child to visit us in the setting before registration to meet our staff team, talk about our routines and provide you and your child with the opportunity to explore both the indoor and outdoor learning environments, take part in activities and experience what Rough Common Pre-School has to offer.

We welcome the diversity of family lifestyles, cultures and beliefs and aim where possible to incorporate this into our daily routines and experiences in the setting. We encourage all families to take part in the life of the setting and welcome your contribution to how we can allow children to learn more about the diversity of our community and your own beliefs and cultures.

All parents and carers must complete the necessary registration documents before a child starts at the setting. In accordance with our Data Protection policy, we will only ask for information about you and your child that is relevant to their admission to our setting.

We offer care to children from the age of 6 months

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A £50 non-refundable registration fee is payable upon registration with us. This fee covers administration, a home visit and up to five hours of settling in.

Invoices are produced termly (or after your child’s first session if they start during a term) and must be paid in advance to secure your child’s place.

Fees must still be paid if children are absent for a period of time due to sickness, holidays or other reasons.

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