Parent Information


A copy of the setting’s policies and procedures are available on request or in the setting to read. The policies help us to make sure that the service we provide is a high-quality one and that being a member of the setting is an enjoyable and beneficial experience for every child and their parents and carers. Whilst the policies and procedures are all very important, we ask you to take particular note of the following:

  • Smoking – this is prohibited in or on the premises before, during or after pre-school which includes smoking in your own vehicles, in the car park and on the pavement surrounding the car park, the play park, and the field. You will be asked to stop smoking if seen by a member of staff. Please remember it is an offense to smoke in the car with children.
  • Behaviour Management – this details how we deal with children’s behavior. We work with parents and carers in managing behavior and are happy to discuss with you on an individual basis if there is a particular strategy you would prefer us to use.
  • Safeguarding children – Our setting has a duty under the law to help safeguard children against suspected or actual ‘significant harm’. Our employment practices ensure children are protected against the likelihood of abuse in our settings and we have a procedure for managing complaints or allegations against a member of staff. Our way of working with children and their parents and carers ensures we are aware of any problems that may emerge and can offer support, including referral to appropriate agencies when necessary, to help families in difficulty. Our Designated Safeguarding Lead is Michelle Seary, supported by Sarah Shoults. Should you have any concerns about a child, adult or member of staff please do speak to either Michelle or Sarah.
  • Special Educational Needs and Disability – We provide an inclusive environment in which all children, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) or Additional Educational Needs (AEN), are supported to reach their full potential. We have regard for the Department for Education’s Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice: 0-25 years. We support parents and children with special educational needs and disability. use. Identifying gaps in development is crucial in ensuring that needs are identified and early intervention processes are implemented. We identify the specific needs of children with special educational needs and disability and we aim to meet these needs through a range of strategies by working in partnership with parents, carers and other professionals or agencies. Children with Special Education Needs and Disability are supported by their key person and our Lead Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator’s (SENCo) Sophie Rogers.
  • Data Protection – we will only ever ask you for information that is relevant to your child and the care that we offer to them. We have a statutory duty to ask for some personal information relating to your child and your family. We take care to only store personal information that is absolutely necessary. Sharing information will be for clear and legitimate reasons only. We will gain your consent before sharing any information unless a child is at risk or suffering significant harm, in which case consent is not necessary.
  • Code of Conduct – please adhere to our code of conduct for parents and carers, it is there to ensure that everyone’s experience at pre-school is pleasant and respectful of others.

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