No, we welcome children who are still in nappies and we will work with you when your child is ready to be toilet-trained to ensure we have a consistent approach at both pre-school and home.

We provide a healthy morning snack and a late afternoon snack for children who stay with us until 4.30pm. We ask parents to provide a healthy, balanced packed lunch.

Our advertised sessions times are standard times for all children and ask parents where possible to arrive on time for the start and end of the advertised session. We do however understand that for some parents this may not be possible and encourage you to discuss your requirements with us.

We offer up to 5 hours of settling in sessions free of charge. As a guide, each child will usually do this over 3 days and we ask that the parent joins the child for the first session to allow the child time to get used to being in a new environment with having a familiar person there as comfort. We do however know that all children will settle differently and we will work with you and your child to ensure that the settling in sessions are tailored to suit their needs.

We offer a home visit to all children who start with us purely as a way to build a relationship with your child and to get to know more about them – their likes and dislikes, their interests and to discuss ways with parents that we can work together to ensure the highest level of care for your child. The home visit will usually be done by your child’s key person and will last no longer than one hour.

We ask that parents commit to set days each week however do understand that things may happen which may require you to change your child’s session. We will always do our best to accommodate occasional change of session requests however these are subject to places being available. If you would like to change the days your child attends on a regular basis we ask that you speak to us about this however we do require 6 weeks notice to decrease your child’s contracted sessions.

We offer a monthly or termly payment option.

Yes fees are payable regardless of whether or not your child attends. This ensures we are able to secure their place and also as we still need to staff the setting as if your child was in attendance.

Our policy is not to care for sick children. If a child needs medication such as Calpol or Neurofen, we ask you to think whether or not pre-school is the best place for your child to be. We follow guidance published by Public Health Agency on exclusion periods for infection and illness.

We are only able to administer medication to children provided it has been prescribed by a doctor, is given to us in it’s original packaging and with the pharmacy dispensing label on the packaging.

We have many different areas where children are able to sleep should they wish to. We will discuss your child’s routine with you when you join our pre-school to ensure we meet your child’s needs.

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