Rough Common Pre-School is based in the Village Hall of Rough Common, Canterbury. We have ample off-road parking providing a safe environment to drop your child off. We are within walking distance of Blean Primary School and along the main bus route. Our indoor environment is on one level in one main room, where the children can all play together. We aim to create a welcoming environment for all children. We plan our setting and sessions according to children’s needs and interests and to ensure that children are progressing through the areas of learning and development as set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage.
Activities that are offered are appropriate to children’s age and stage of development and we ensure we provide challenging and enjoyable experiences for each individual child. We offer a well balanced mix of child-initiated play and adult-led activities during each session. The children are encouraged to take part in small and large group activities.
Outdoor activities contribute to children’s health, their physical development and their knowledge of the world around them. We offer free-flow access to our gardens which adjoin the hall and the children have the opportunity to choose where they would like to play. We also make use of the playing field and the local areas for outdoor learning experiences.
Approach to


At Rough Common Pre-School our children are at the center of everything that we do; we value them all as unique individuals. We believe that children learn best when they are stimulated and able to follow their own interests, making choices for themselves about their learning journey.
This is best achieved through play-based experiences, where the children are given the opportunity to explore their own interests, enquire, question, plan and take risks which in turn leads to high levels of wellbeing and involvement.
Learning through play allows the children to develop at their own pace, supported by quality staff interactions which helps to develop creativity, stimulates their imaginations, develops physical skills and builds on their self confidence and self-esteem; laying secure foundations for lifelong learning and development. Through play our children make excellent progress both emotionally and cognitively.
To achieve this, we follow a planning cycle known as ‘in the moment planning’ that is extensively backed by research in the Early Years and has been developed further by Anna Ephgrave.  This process involves children rather than adults choosing where their learning takes place.  The children have free access to all areas of the setting with the role of the adult being to stand back and observe what the children are doing, assess what they need to learn/do/know next and plan their teaching right there and then ‘at the moment’.